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Cast: Presley Hart, Alexis Ford, Jessa Rhodes, Vanessa Veracruz, Alexa Jaymes

DFZ Hardcore Exclusive!
Latest Brush With The Law! Behind The Scenes Footage Justing Doesn’t Want You To See!
The Ladies Love Justin! ‘Fuck All You Haters!’ Party Girl Amanda Gets Blasted!
Justin Negotiates A Deal! Justin Works His Charm! Selena’s Girls Only Sex Party!
Selena And Justin Split Up! Justin Settles Out Of Court!
Selena’s Secret Lesbian Lover – Justin has been waiting to fuck Selena forever, but she’s a lesbian! And she tells him he can only watch! So he storms out, jumps in his sports car and leaves Selena to bang her girlfriend uninterrupted!
Justin’s Latest Sex Scandal – Relieved he’s not in jail, Justin goes to Usher’s house who is entertaining Amanda. As soon as Usher leaves the room, Justin makes his move. Usher catches them and gets pissed, but Amanda begs them both to fuck her… they agree!
Busted! Justin Cooperated With Police – Upset about Selena, Justin gets pulled over for driving like a douche. Luckily the female cop is a big fan and they end up negotiating a deal to keep Justin out of jail!
Justin Perfects His Moves – Justin finally comes home to find his hot little neighbor who’s always flirting with him. But her boyfriend is a huge football player. Again, as soon as he leaves, Justin bounces around the corner, into her house and into her tight, shaved pussy!