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Kate – Sex Crazed MILF
Released: August 15, 2015

This week we have a lovely 26 year old Russian blonde ballet mistress for your delectation. MILFS like Kate can be seen in Surrey picking up the kids or shopping in Waitress every day, getting out of their Range Rovers in lovely dresses looking the very picture of decorum and decency and after watching Kate in action, you wonder how many of those mum’s harbour the most outrageous and depraved of thoughts? In Kate’s case she harboured a secret desire to be transformed into a cheap Russian style street prostitute (prostitutka) what a lovely word and then ravaged. Well she certainly came to the right place, Jimslip Towers! Naturally, we had to do a casting and there is nothing sexier than a gorgeous MILFY babe in a summer dress looking into the camera with eyes oozing with lust and sin! God only knows what was brewing in her mind but needles…