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Ashley Lane – Bondage Is The New Black: Episode 2
Released: November 21, 2014

Previously on Bondage Is The New Black Pepper Channing, Alice Vicks, and Kentucky arrived at the remote farm facility. They tilled the field for the warden. Then they were lead into the barn where pepper was strip searched. Episode two finds Pepper and Alice sitting in a cell in the cold barn. They both wear the standard issue prison uniform; a burlap sack. They are joined by Kentucky. Finally they are given a bowl of foul tasting gruel which they gobble down despite the horrible odor that invades their mouths and nostrils. If they weren’t starving they wouldn’t bother. After a day in the garden they need sustenance. After the meal they curl up for the night with only body heat and a thin layer of burlap to keep them from freezing. In the morning Pepper is brought to an interrogation chamber. She is blinded and restrained. This is the first glimpse at what her life will become if she doesn’t tell us what we want to know. Where’s Riddick?