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Maya – Shiny Wet Teaser
Released: October 9, 2014

That blue-eyed vixen Maya from the Russian Federation tantalizes us in her bath, using her size 6.5 feet in particular to reduce us to puddles just as wet as the ones she’ll be standing in! Maya first appears in a slinky chemise, and shows off her red-pedicured toes in black strappy heels. She slides off the sandals, gives them a sniff, and then climbs into the tub where she takes down her garment. She gets us looking at her high-arched wrinkled soles as she poses them in closeups. Then she teases us with her thong, sliding it down her long legs and hooking it on her toes and soles which she sticks toward the camera in mouthwatering views captured expertly by the master photographers of DDF Productions. Our model is turned on by her own feet, which she brings to her mouth and kisses; then she leans back in the tub and plays with her crotch before washing herself–in particular scrubbing her legs and feet–with lots of soapy bubbles. Teasing us endlessly, she flexes her toes before she finally rinses them off and shows them to us in their shiny wet beauty. In the end Maya dries herself and gives us some last closeups of her feet that are so very sweet you’ll be restraining yourself from licking the screen!!