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Brandy Smile – How Stunning Her Stems
Released: April 24, 2014

Brandy Smile wants to take over your consciousness with her incredibly high heels in her new scene. Look how stunning her stems are in the spiky shoes as our DDF cameras shoot upward for those “goddess poses.” She tempts us with her derriere too, as she lords those cheeks over us mere mortals before settling down to tease with her bare feet. Dangling her shoes off her red-polished size 7.5 Hungarian tootsies, she drives us wild with her shiny soles as she flexes them from smooth to wrinkled! You’ll be on YOUR toes trying to keep up with her show! As she gets naked, Brandy sucks on her heels in her video and pics. What devilish thoughts are going through her head? Would she make US suck her heels next? Confess: you’d be ready to do just about anything for Miss Brandy Smile!! She rubs the heels against her clit, even as she drives us bonkers with her bare toes.