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Jessica Ryan – The Rope Slut
Released: January 14, 2015

We pride ourselves on being men of discriminating taste, so while we get a lot of girls in here that love to be bound, beaten, fucked and forced to cum, we rarely bestow upon any of them the honor of being called a genuine rope slut. It takes more than just a banging body and a willingness to try some kinky things to be a rope slut. It takes being able to not just endure, but enjoy strenuous bondage positions that would break other girls physically and mentally.Enter Jessica Ryan. If you want an example of how much this rope slut loves to be tied up, take a look at what she goes through for Jack Hammer. The way her back is arched we could call this a hogtie, but that would be doing it a disservice. He has her on her knees, her tits tied to the ceiling, while she is bent back like a bow. It’s an incredibly beautiful position to leave her in. It’s an even better one to whip her in. That’s what it takes to be a rope slut in our book. And Jessica Ryan lives up to the hype.