Ashley – 2nd Visit
Released: April 18, 2013

There’s one thing that stands out with Ashley, besides her huge tits, and that’s her amazing tongue skills while giving head. I’d love to know exactly how many cocks she sucked in her lifetime because you can easily tell she had plenty of practice. I think every guy has had a girl like Ashley at one point or another who gives the kind of head that you save in your spank highlight reel. Ashley loves to tease cocks with her talented tongue to get the guy good and ready before letting him release. She found that doing this makes the guy shoot a bigger load. She can keep a guy on edge for a long time before finally allowing him to release and you can tell when she gets to that point. Once she wants that load, there’s no point in even attempting to hold it back…she’s getting that load! Girls that love to play with cocks are the best cock suckers because it’s as much of a turn on for them as it is for you. She’s one of those girls and she gets off on knowing how much pleasure she can give a guy. She’s very attentive and will suck your cock anytime you need to unload.