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Alana Luv – She Really Wants Those Plane Tickets
Released: August 6, 2014

“Guys,This gorgeous girl came into the spa today, looking awesome for her age, and wanted a massage. First thing you’ll see about her is her crazy eyes! It’s clear that the flight she just jumped off was incredibly stressful, and it was clear she needed a good rubdown, but would she be open to doing a bit more? She really surprised me, and especially since she’s not an avid member of the mile high club! This chick wasn’t sure at first but by the time I started givin’ it to her she was pampered and open to my suggestion. She wanted tickets bad, and I want a blowjob. This chick had no problem putting her mouth on my cock when I said she could have one of the tickets, even after all my creepy teasing! I think I can get this chick to fuck me for both of them! She agreed, and ended loving every inch!Jack”