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Tereza – 2137
Released: August 13, 2013

This is just impossible! This cannot be true! Guys, we guarantee this girl will tear you to pieces. We doubt you have ever seen an 18 years old this nasty!!! At the first sight Tereza looks like a normal girl, well-behaved, from a good family. She wears braces and still live with her parents, her father is a known doctor. She studies a high school and was offered the main role in a big Czech movie. She would like to get famous thanks to that movie and if that won’t work, she would like to work at movies as a beautician. But here the fairy-tale ends. Tereza revealed her dark side in front of us. She loved rough fucking, she experiments with BDSM, loves getting her ass fucked!!! Do you want more? Let’s go on then. She has already filmed some really hardcore scenes and now she would like to try gangbang with as many guys as possible!!! They already know at school!! Still not enough? Then take a look at the video. You will see her sweet tits and huge pussy lips. She will let Ales fuck her ass and enjoy his cock deep in her throat!!!! This 18 years old is a hardcore bitch, you have never seen anything like this before!!!!!