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Tereza – 2102
Released: June 26, 2013

Does she need to be cuddled or spanked? Today’s episode of the most famous casting is crammed with emotions! Depression, tears, self-confidence stomped deep into dirt, lost sense of life, aimless wandering, no joy, lies, heart broken in thousand pieces. That’s what the start of today’s CZECH CASTING carries inside her. Tereza is a pretty and young girl, but her life is like sliding down the grater. She’s been in love with a woman for two years, but she was being terrorized by her manic jealousy. Because of her and her manic states Tereza even left her only true love – dancing. And since then she knows no joy and luck. She does not live, she only survives. She broke up with that psycho-ass bitch and decided that she’ll use her bisexual pussy to earn money for her resurrection – going back to dancing. Take a look at her fucking our cameraman! It’s really crazy!!! Tereza forever!!!