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Simona – 1548
Released: August 16, 2014

Simona stormed into our villa like a tornado. This incredibly cheerful girl made three porn scenes a couple of years ago. She declared she was a nymphomaniac – she needs it at least two times a day! She must force her husband into having sex and they quarrel over it. She loves him passionately, however, she likes to eat pussies and she loves fucking in the ass. She swallows jizz – no waste! She dreams of being fucked at a BDSM orgy and of participating at a swinger party. These dreams will never come true with her husband, and she is very well aware of it. She loved our cameraman, but was so nervous she couldn’t stop laughing. She was fighting her inner fight between the immense desire of fucking him on the white sofa and her promise of fidelity to her husband. What option will gain the upper hand? You need to see this video right now!