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Michaela – 2243
Released: September 8, 2013

It does exist! The world is not lost!! We found a pure and naturally beautiful girl. Today’s girl from the biggest casting in the world, dark-haired Michaela is different than the rest of girls, who left the print of their asses on our white couch. Except for a small tattoo there is nothing fake or artificial on her, no cosmetics, no camouflage, just nothing that would change her look and identity!!! It’s just a beauty made in the nature! Only for that she gained our love! You wouldn’t believe she is 23, she looks barely 18! We started to think that we were blessed by a visit of a cherub, but then she mentioned she fucked on a police station and we knew she was no angel. Thanks God, she’s a normal girl. Enjoy her natural beauty! Check out another perfect casting!