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Veronica Rose – DysFUCKtional Family Reunion – Part 3
Released: March 24, 2016

In this family, whenever someone gets out of jail, they celebrate with a potato sack race! Loser eat’s mom’s pussy! Veronica Rose and her step-uncle Kenny (Small Hands), Joanna’s internet famous brother, danced over to the winner’s circle – he thought she must have been sack racing a lot because she’s hella tan and found out she’s actually half black – she wasn’t offended. Turns out he was her man crush Monday because his selfie game is tight – and Veronica’s pussy is even tighter. Time for his step-niece to use her winner mouth and juicy first place ass on his prized cock and Hollywood balls in the backyard! She bounced those big natural titties up and down as she rode his dick – account verified! They’re number one!