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Kate & Jenna Lovely – Sloppy Snack Attack
Released: May 23, 2013

On a nice spring day there are few things fashionable blondie babes love doing more than just hanging out and eating some chocolate! Hey, even fit hotties need to junk out sometimes, but with these two mess loving freaks you know their afternoon is going to involve a lot more than just eating some sweet snacks like prissy princess types! It doesn’t take long at all for these WaM lovers to start rubbing that chocolate into each others fancy white tops, and once the buckets of chocolate syrup come out you know it’s an all out mess disaster in the making, with both babes turning into chocolate bars themselves! It’s the ultimate fantasy for some chocolate loving Eurobabes, and by the time they get through slopping each other up in absurd amounts of gooey chocolate sauce you’ll be wanting to take a big bite out of both of them! Coming soon to a market near you, chocolate dipped porn goddesses – put in your order now!!