Princess Pocket Tease - Pocket Tease
Released: February 9, 2017

Princess Pocket Tease is so bored with sitting on her regal throne that she decides to sit on her slave's face instead. Ofcourse the pitifulpeon must be bound in a leather straitjacket and chastity before he is allowed such an honor. With her slave so helplessly attired and totally controlled she is free to enjoy herself with his suffering. The slave serves at her pleasure and serves for her pleasure. He is naught but her slave and has no choice, a fact they both know well. Indeed, the pathetic slave is very lucky to have her royal pussy and ass ground onto his face, even as it prevents his very breathing. She enjoys teasing, tormenting, and maltreating her property for her selfish fun. All the slave can do is obey and endure Princess Pocket's salacious demands and abuses as she laughs at his suffering. It is her royal right as his princess.

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