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Maxine X - Jezebel Knight & Mistress Jezebel


Jezebel Knight & Mistress Jezebel - Machine Fucked
Released: July 2, 2021

Goth Girl, Jezebel Knight, continues her sexual submission to Mistress Jezebel in Part 2 of her Lezdom experience. She is tied with her legs wide open to my sex chair as Mistress gags her mouth. Then, she goes to work on her clit and pussy to make her cum hard. She rams a big dildo up her tight, wet pussy on the end of a reciprocating fucksaw and machines her up to 1,600 thrust per minute. I am even gracious enough to hold the Magic Wand on the Slut's clit whilst Mistress plows her pussy with the fucksaw for added intensity and stimulation. This makes the Goth Slut cum hard and long as Mistress has her way with her.

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Maxine X - Mistress Jezebel & Jezebel Knight


Mistress Jezebel - Spanked Goth Slut Forced To Cum Standing In Bondage
Released: June 25, 2021

In this incredibly hot bondage scene, sexy goth slut, Jezebel Knight, is bound in a spanking post by Mistress Jezebel. Mistress even takes an electronic bug zapper to her tender tushie as Jezebel screams in shock and pain.
Mistress spanks and crops her tight, little ass red before putting her in a standing bondage position with one leg tied. Then, she stuffs her mouth with a bit gag and vibes her clit with the Magic Wand before fucking her tight asshole and pussy for some double penetration with her fingers and glass g spot wand.
After making Jezebel Knight cum, Mistress must make her pay for her pleasure with some more stings from the bug zapper as she prepares her for the next bondage trial!

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