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Amber Monroe - Amber Is So Sensual
Released: February 16, 2020

Let Amber Monroe tease you a little, caressing and jiggling mher body while you watch. Her belly is stuffed tight into this lace, red lingerie. Her voluptuous figure looking ever so sexy wrapped in red. After she seduces you with her gorgeous tits, she lays back and spreads her legs to rub her clit. She doesn't last long teasing herself like this before she takes off her panties too feel how wet she. She rubs her clit and slips her fingers in her tight pussy. Her fingers feel so cold and feel so good entering her hot, wet pussy. You can hear my lustful pleasure as it fills me up, slipping in easily with a wet sound. I cum so hard that my whole body shakes and I just lay back and breathe heavily.

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