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Met Art X - Alika Penagos


Alika Penagos - The Straw Hat 2
Released: September 19, 2023

Stunning Colombian babe Alika Penagos looks sensational in a black lace dress and matching hat as she strolls barefoot through the countryside. Leading you into her vacation villa, the raven-haired Latina beauty strokes herself through her panties before tugging them aside, revealing the neat triangle of hair on her mound of Venus. Her eyes are bright with passion as she rubs her clit and caresses her gorgeous breasts amorously. Panties off, she masturbates avidly, her hips rocking up to meet her fingers as she eases them into her luscious pink pussy. Kneeling for a lingering look at her curvaceous bubble butt, she frigs frantically, giving herself a blissful orgasm.

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GF Leaks - Alika Penagos


Alika Penagos - Beach Bums
Released: April 13, 2023

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Met Art X - Alika Penagos


Alika Penagos - Wet Dream
Released: March 17, 2023

Stunning Colombian brunette Alika Penagos has such erotic dreams, full of lesbian sex and passionate masturbation. In her dreamworld, the Latina beauty is wearing a figure-hugging black bodysuit that she pulls down to expose her gorgeous breasts, her dark nipples stiff with arousal. She tugs the damp fabric aside and rubs her juicy pussy, her hips rocking up to meet her fingers as they explore her slick slot. Rolling around on the bed, she grinds against her pillow, then diddles herself frantically, until she’s overwhelmed by a mind-blowing orgasm. Waking with a start, she’s not surprised to find her pussy soaking wet...

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Strap Lez - Alika Penagos & Cherry Kiss


Alika Penagos & Cherry Kiss - Insatiable
Released: March 10, 2023

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Viv Thomas - Alika Penagos & Jayla De Angelis


Alika Penagos & Jayla De Angelis - Mi Amore
Released: January 6, 2023

Stunning Spanish blonde Jayla De Angelis enjoys the sunshine on a summer’s day, taking off her bikini top and massaging tanning lotion over her beautiful breasts. As Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie "Mi Amore" begins, Jayla’s gorgeous Colombian girlfriend Alika Penagos floats on an inflatable in the pool, before deciding to blast her unsuspecting sweetheart with a water pistol. Luckily Jayla is very forgiving, and the lovers are soon kissing passionately, hands wandering over each other’s sexy body.

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Met Art X - Alika Penagos


Alika Penagos - Alika In The Night 2
Released: December 3, 2022

Stunning Colombian model Alika Penagos strolls through the city streets at night, leading you to her apartment. In the bedroom, the Latina beauty takes off her booty-hugging jean shorts and strokes herself through her panties. She’s soon perfectly naked, her dark nipples diamond hard as she strums her clit. The juicy sounds of her arousal mingle with her moans as she eases two fingers into her succulent pussy; going face down ass up, she offers a sensational rear view as she masturbates avidly. Humping her hand, she drives herself to an intense orgasm.

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Strap Lez - Alika Penagos & Marina Gold


Alika Penagos & Marina Gold - Be My Doll 2
Released: December 1, 2022

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Private - Alika Penagos


Alika Penagos - Tastes The Ice-Cream Man
Released: November 11, 2022

After a summer fooling around on the beach with the ice-cream man, Potro, Alika Penagos has finally decided that it’s time to take action… and there’s something else that this horny Latina now wants to taste! That’s right, Alika no longer wants dairy, she wants cum, and that’s exactly what this saucy brunette gets in Private Specials, Hot Girls at the Beach as she seduces Potro into coming home with her for a spectacular deepthroat blowjob and an equally spectacular fuck that has her riding, grinding and getting pounded until her appetite is satisfied with a facial cumshot!

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Sex Art - Alika Penagos & Marina Gold


Alika Penagos & Marina Gold - Original Sin
Released: October 21, 2022

Latina beauties Alika Penagos and Marina Gold walk hand in hand through a derelict building, as Don Caravaggio’s erotic lesbian movie "Original Sin" begins. Both look sensational in sexy lingerie as they kiss and touch with simmering sensuality. Moving indoors, Columbian cutie Alika kisses a trail down her girlfriend’s body, pulling down her panties and licking her shaved pussy. Freckle-faced Peruvian redhead Marina is eager to reciprocate, sucking Alika’s dark nipples attentively, then peeling off her panties and gazing up at her as she eats her pussy...

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Private - Alika Penagos


Alika Penagos - Wild Gonzo Debut
Released: October 21, 2022

We have the pleasure of introducing you to Alika Penagos, a sexy brunette with a nice ass and tits who has come to Private Specials, Hot Babes 2 to flaunt her incredible body on the beach and take advantage of the first guy she can find! Fortunately for Alika, the hung Alberto Blanco is the first guy she sees, and she wastes no time getting down to business with a POV blowjob right there on the beach before taking things to a more intimate location for a spectacular gonzo fuck that will leave her pretty little face covered in cum!

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Met Art X - Alika Penagos


Alika Penagos - Move Your Body
Released: October 18, 2022

Cute Colombian brunette Alika Penagos is listening to music on her phone, swaying her hips sensually to the beat. The Latina beauty pulls down her top to let her perfect breasts jiggle freely, then slides her jeans shorts down over her curvy booty and dances in nothing but her skimpy panties. She teases her dark nipples with spit-wet fingers, before completing her sultry striptease and stroking the soft hair on her mound of Venus as she starts to masturbate. Rubbing her clit and grabbing her firm round ass cheeks, then cramming her fingers into her tight pussy, she drives herself to an intense orgasm.

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Strap Lez - Marina Gold, Alika Penagos & Cherry Kiss


Marina Gold, Alika Penagos & Cherry Kiss - La Aventura Sexual # 2
Released: October 13, 2022

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Viv Thomas - Alika Penagos & Amirah Adara


Alika Penagos & Amirah Adara - In My Dreams
Released: August 16, 2022

Gorgeous Alika Penagos shows off her sexy ass in thong panties. As Sandra Shine’s erotic movie "In My Dreams" begins, the Colombian cutie stretches out on the bed to relax, cuddling her pillow as she dreams of her hot lesbian lover, Amirah Adara. In Alika’s fantasy, she sees the two of them looking irresistible in black lace lingerie. Dominant Amirah throws Alika onto the bed, pinning her arms above her head and grinding on her passionately. She caresses Alika’s beautiful breasts and sucks her stiff nipples, then tugs her bodysuit aside and starts to eat her pussy...

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Viv Thomas - Alika Penagos & Marina Gold


Alika Penagos & Marina Gold - Romantic Getaway
Released: July 19, 2022

Cute Peruvian redhead Marina Gold and her sexy Colombian girlfriend Alika Penagos are enjoying a "Romantic Getaway." As Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie begins, the lovely Latinas are excited to reach their vacation apartment, and go straight to the bedroom to unpack and admire the view. They sprawl on the bed, kissing passionately, pressing their soft breasts together and sucking each other’s nipples. Alika gets her sweetheart naked and eats her shaved pussy voraciously, tonguing her juicy pink folds to make her gasp with pleasure. Legs entwined, they grind their bare pussies together frantically until they climax in unison; then Alika straddles Marina’s face to get licked to one intense orgasm after another. Dismounting, she flips Marina over and eats her from behind, face buried between her curvy ass cheeks. Marina rolls onto her back and Alika focuses all her attention on sucking her clit until she has a mindblowing orgasm.

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