Hentaied - Emiri Momota & Rikako Katayama


Emiri Momota & Rikako Katayama - Unfinished Sympathy
Released: March 8, 2024

Rikako Katayama is ready for a change of power in the underworld. She walks with confidence inside the nightclub and into the back room where Emiri Momota, the esteemed mafia boss is located. Before arriving in Emiri’s chambers, Rikako is stripped naked by the security guard so she can’t bring in anything to hurt his boss. The danger, however, is inside the Rikako.

She sits opposite Emiri, who holds a shotgun pointed at her. Rikako spreads her legs, proclaiming she’s here to make a big change, although it seems as if she has no power here. While Emiri is distracted by the small talk, an alien tentacle gets out of Rikako and crawls underneath the desk, behind Emiri, and swiftly latching onto her head to take control of her mind. Suddenly, Rikako is the one with full power.

It’s time for Emiri’s first order, she needs to lick Rikako’s feet. Without a shred of hesitation, she kneels before her mistress and starts licking her soles and sucking her beautiful toes. Soon Rikako delivers a tentacle out of her pussy for Emiri to suck. Her mouth wraps around the long black alien cock and she starts blowing it. However it’s only the beginning, and it wouldn’t be a power play without Rikako fucking Emiri with her tentacles.

But Rikako is far from over, even after filling up Emiri with a fat load of tentacle cum, she’s not finished, not even close. Rikako does the unimaginable, she delivers the nastiest vore by dragging Rikako inside herself with the tentacles. Inside, Emiri gains her consciousness back, but now she’s bound and about to be fucked mercilessly by the tentacle cocks.



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