Daughter Swap - Jaycee Starr & Nathalie Knight

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Jaycee Starr & Nathalie Knight - Summer Swap And Smash
Released: July 29, 2019

There is nothing like a nice barbecue to get the summer underway! Today, Jaycee Starr and Natalie Knight hang out by the pool while their dads grill up some meat on the ol bbq. Natalies dad does most of the grilling as he and Jaycees dad chat it up about sports and all the other stuff two older guys talk about on a hot summers day. In the meantime, Jaycee and Natalie trace each others bodies with their eyes, getting more and more turned on by how hot they are standing next to each other...

The girls want to strip each other naked and fuck right there, but their dads are cramping their style! When the guys run out of beverages, they leave to get some more refreshments from the store. As Jaycees dad says goodbye, he plants a kiss right on her lips, which makes Natalie a little jealous. She wishes she and her dad were close enough to express affection like that. Jaycee tells the blonde hottie that if she wants it, she should just go for it, which encourages Natalie to make the leap. Her dad gets back and she decides to show him how much she cares by giving him a sweet kiss on the lips. Unfortunately, it turns out super awkward and Natalie is humiliated. To help her friend save face, Jaycee plants one on Natalies dads lips too. That gets them all thinking. Both these dads want to fuck each others daughters, so they decide to just go for it! Jaycee and Natalie swap dads and pop their teen pussies for their hard man meat. Jaycee moans as she gets her young slit pounded. Natalie bounces up and down on a thick dad dick in euphoric delight. They make out passionately as they ride and enjoy fucking each others dads in the summer heat.

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