Adult Time - Bella Rolland, Sabina Rouge & Bunny Colby


Bella Rolland, Sabina Rouge & Bunny Colby - Watch You Cheat - Remedial Romance
Released: April 26, 2022

Bella Rolland is hard at work in her home office when her partner, Bunny Colby, comes over and tries to get frisky with her. Unfortunately for Bunny, Bella is too busy and declines her offer. Bunny complains that their sex life has been somewhat uneventful as of late, but Bella reminds her that without her pulling long hours at her job, they wouldn't have the means to have the lifestyle they so enjoy. This doesn't phase Bunny, however, who muses that she has a surprise prepared for Bella that is sure to spice things up...

Later that day, Bella sits blindfolded in a comfy loveseat, waiting for her surprise. Just then, Bunny walks in with Sabina Rouge, who sits next to Bella. Though she is at first confused, Bella becomes very aroused when Bunny informs her that she wants to watch Bella and Sabina have sex in front of her. Bella takes the blindfold off and is immediately attracted to Sabina. She turns to Bunny, thankful for her generosity in letting her have this unique sexual experience. As Bunny watches from the sidelines, Bella and Sabina have energetic, erotic lesbian sex. They make sure to put on quite a show for Bunny, giving her the ultimate viewing experience as they explore each other's bodies. Bunny watches with joy and arousal as her 'remedy' revitalizes the romance she was missing from Bella, who can't help but moan with pure joy as she orgasms time and time again.


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