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Roxanne Miller – Banquet Of Tits And Ass
Released: February 12, 2014

Roxanne Miller has traveled a long way for these photos and matching video, flying from Romania to the glorious Caribbean. This sweet young delight is staying at a swanky villa in the Dominican Republic, all expenses paid. Nothing is too good for our models. The sea is at Roxanne’s back, the mountains are in front of her. Not the mountains she keeps in her bra, the mountains of this region of the island. Roxanne is even dressed somewhat like a Roman goddess. A fine spread has been arranged by a valet for Roxanne and her bosom buddies. They have not shown yet. Roxanne is early. This vivacious vixen decides to partake of the nutritious goodies laid before her but not in the usual way. Hopefully her foxy friends won’t mind that she has started without them.