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Jennica Lynn – Jennica’s Island Getaway
Released: August 26, 2014

Tropical islands are hot. Beautiful Jennica Lynn is hotter. Coming in out of the heat, Jennica enters her bedroom and puts on a show for you, making the room hotter than her terrace. Jennica knows how to dress her fantastic M-cups in low-cut tops and once again she’s picked out the right one. Jennica’s ass is wrapped in skin-tight jeggings, a booty made to rub, spank and kiss. Swedish girls are often thought of as being lanky, slim and blonde with small boobs. Jennica is the complete opposite of this stereotype. “I was always the bustiest girl in school when I was growing up,” said Jennica. “Now I have M-cups. In the UK, they would be Double-J. I think I was a D-cup for the first time when I was about 14. I think I was about a G at 18. I think it was something like that.” After Jennica’s show, she checks out several bras. She must have a difficult time finding them. “They have stores in England where I can actually buy bras that fit off the rack!” England is the home of big natural tits! Jennica Lynn: a very special girl with a very special body and extra-special breasts.