If you visit Naughty Blog regularly, surely you have already encountered dead links. You found a video or a siterip you liked, but the files could not be downloaded anymore because they got deleted. This makes us as sorry as you, so we put a lot of thoughts into how we could stop it.
So we started using the Wcrypt service, thanks to it the original address cannot be seen and it’s therefore harder to delete the file.
If you see a wcrypt link in a post, you can be 99% sure that given file is still online. After clicking the link you proceed the same way you do it with a usual link (or you can use downloading programs such as Jdownloader for automatic decryption of links). Sometimes you can be asked to fill in a captcha due safety.
We believe that you will be satisfied with this innovation. Tell us what you think about this service below in the comments section.

Naughty Blog Team