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Tiffany Doll & Tina Walker – Panty Lover
Released: October 26, 2015

Tina Walker is doing the laundry when she finds a lipstick print on her man’s shirt. She asks lingerie consultant Tiffany Doll for help to make him fall in love with her again. Tiffany promises to make her look so sexy her man will find her irresistible. She helps Tina to try on some very daring underwear. Although Tina is shy at first, Tiffany’s compliments make her feel confident and attractive. She only resists for a moment when Tiffany kisses her, and then returns her embrace enthusiastically. Undressing Tiffany, she sucks her nipples and licks her pussy, thrusting a finger inside and adding a second when Tiffany asks her to. Tiffany straddles Tina’s lap and Tina slides a finger into her ass, making her orgasm. Now Tiffany turns Tina onto her knees, spanks her ass and licks her pussy skilfully, before fingering her into a frenzy of pleasure. Tiffany doesn’t let up, but immediately flips her over and licks her some more, then lies on top of her and grinds until they both climax together.