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Alyssa Reece & Dorothy Black – Take Me Away To That Special Place Episode 1 – Reminiscence
Released: April 18, 2016

The first episode of this new series crashes onto the screen in unforgettable style, with legendary star Dorothy Black writhing in ecstasy as Alyssa Reece eats her to an intense orgasm. Later Dorothy looks at pictures of Alyssa on her phone, reminiscing about their time together; the story of their romance is told in a series of evocative flashback vignettes. The heat builds as Alyssa bares Dorothy’s beautiful breasts and sucks them, kisses her ravenously, and begins to stroke her pussy. Alyssa licks and fingers Dorothy skilfully, making her gasp and moan, then grinds against her thigh until she’s at boiling point too. She lies back, talking dirty to her busty lover as she gets eaten and fingered, then flips Dorothy onto her hands and knees and fingers her tight asshole and juiced-up pussy to an explosive orgasm. When she’s caught her breath, Dorothy eats Alyssa to a powerful climax of her own.