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Patritcy & Talia Mint – Interdict
Released: January 4, 2016

After a sexy opening dance by Patritcy – looking sensational in see-through pink lingerie – the leggy blonde is in the bathtub, watched by Talia Mint, who has just woken up. Their relationship is coming to an end, and although they are both filled with regret, their mutual attraction is still strong. They begin to kiss passionately, Talia sliding her hand into Patriticy’s panties to stroke her pussy, then peeling them off and licking her juiced-up pink slit. Patritcy turns onto her front and Talia spanks and squeezes her ass cheeks, then licks her into a frenzy of pleasure. The girls talk some more, and then Talia goes into the shower; Patritcy suddenly follows her in, getting soaked as she grabs her for an intense kiss. She kneels and eats Talia’s pussy under the streaming water; when Talia’s shaking legs can’t support her any longer, she crouches on the floor and Patritcy fingers her to an orgasm that wracks her whole body. As the girls sing together in Russian, their relationship draws to a bittersweet end.