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Lorena Garcia & Sweet Cat – Velvety Feel
Released: April 11, 2016

Lorena and Sweet Cat are sharing an intimate moment, smiling as they gaze into one another’s eyes and begin to kiss. Their caresses grow more passionate, Lorena sucking Cat’s tongue and nuzzling her neck, then lavishing attention on her nipples until they are pink and stiff. She kisses her way down to Cat’s pussy, licking her through her panties, then peeling them off as she sucks her toes teasingly. When Lorena is naked too, Cat spreads her pussy open and starts to lick it deeply, tonguing her tight ass too. Lorena flips her onto her back so they can grind their pussies together, before moving into a sixty-nine that sees them eating each other voraciously. Cat is first to come, and then fingers Lorena to an intense orgasm of her own. The pure, uninhibited desire and mutual passion make for compelling viewing.