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Leila Smith & Talia Mint – Candor
Released: August 17, 2015

Leila masturbates as she listens to Talia and Julia having sex, but stops hastily as they rejoin her and the game of Truth or Dare resumes. When Talia declines to answer a probing question, Leila demands to see her breasts. Talia takes off her skirt for good measure, teasing her friends with her beautiful body. Julia confesses to sex in public, but Leila refuses to answer her question. As a dare, the others make her attempt to build a house of cards, while Julia crawls under the table and holds a huge vibrator against her pussy! Leila is soon so horny and distracted that she grabs Talia for a passionate kiss. The two girls rush to the bedroom, peeling off each other’s skimpy panties before Leila goes face down, ass up to get eaten from behind. When she’s at fever pitch, she flips Talia over to lick her flushed pink pussy, then sits on her face and rides to a terrific orgasm. They move into spoons, and Leila fingers Talia to a climax that shakes her to the core.