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Henessy A & Kiara Lord – Vine Episode 3 – Delicacy
Released: January 8, 2016

Naughty Henessy leads Kiara Lord into the wine cellar, locking the door behind them and then immediately pushing her up against the wall and kissing her ravenously. She pulls Kiara’s top off her shoulder, exposing her breast and sucking her stiff nipple. Lucy Heart peeps in through the window and listens at the door, but runs off when she realises they have heard her. Henessy and Kiara move deeper into the cellar, giggling and kissing as they undress each other hurriedly. Henessy tugs down Kiara’s tight shorts, licking and rubbing her through her wet panties, then pulling them aside to eat her pussy skilfully. When Kiara is dripping with excitement, Henessy slides a couple of fingers inside her, diddling her to a crescendo of pleasure. Now Kiara pushes Henessy’s thighs apart, stroking the wet crotch of her see-through panties, and then sucking her puffy clit. She fingers Henessy to the edge of climax, then spins her around to fuck her from behind, this time making her orgasm hard. The girls quickly help each other get dressed, pausing only to kiss passionately before they hurry away.