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Zarina & Mirta – Hospital
Released: November 2, 2015

Candy Sweet is reading when she dozes off. In her dream, she wakes on a hospital bed and finds she can’t move her limbs. Lauren enters and sits beside her, caressing her and lifting up her skirt to reveal her pretty lace panties. She pulls Candy’s panties off and parts her thighs, wetting her fingers in Candy’s mouth and then stroking her pussy. Candy moans with arousal as Lauren fingers her deeply. Lauren strips off her own dress and sexy lingerie and straddles Candy’s face, getting a thorough licking, then spins around into a sixty-nine so Candy can finger her ass too. Lauren eats and fingers Candy’s pussy skilfully, making her orgasm, then goes face down, ass up for Candy to finger her tightest hole until she climaxes. As Candy wakes from her erotic dream, something makes her question whether it was a dream at all…