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Bessie & Milana Blanc – Discreet Service 2015 Episode 3 – Tempt
Released: October 30, 2015

Milana Blanc is getting changed into her masseuse uniform when she starts to masturbate. Before she can get dressed, beautiful Bessie (making her VT debut) stops her. The two naked girls kiss, and then Bessie pours oil over Milana and begins to massage her. Bessie’s slick fingers circle around Milana’s pussy teasingly, before they dip inside. Milana spreads her thighs wide and Bessie rubs her clit as she diddles her, then slides a finger into her tight asshole. When Milana has orgasmed, Bessie joins her on the table, getting oiled up as they rub their bodies together. Milana strokes Bessie’s pussy and pushes her fingers inside, then they stand and grind to a mutual climax.