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Arwen Gold & Nekane – Passionate Session Episode 4 – Enamored
Released: June 1, 2016

Busty Nekane comes in from a run and masturbates as she contemplates getting a massage from pretty Arwen Gold. When she lies on the table, Arwen begins very professionally massaging her neck and shoulders, but is soon squeezing her breasts attentively. Nekane’s nipples are stiff as Arwen removes her towel and slides a slippery hand between her thighs. She moans softly as Arwen starts stroking her pussy, thrusting a finger inside to pleasure her, and then adding a second. Nekane turns onto her front, and Armwen oils up her voluptuous ass and pushes two fingers inside it, diddling her pussy at the same time to make her come hard. Arwen takes off her uniform and switches places with Nekane, who drenches her in oil and finger-bangs her pussy, then turns her over, spreads her legs wide and frigs her to a climax. It’s followed by a second, even more powerful one.