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Anita B & Felicia Kiss – Vivacity
Released: October 14, 2015

Felicia Kiss and Anita B (making her VT debut) are watching TV together when they get bored and decide to play a game of ‘Twister’ instead. Felicia quickly gets too hot and takes off her top, and Anita follows suit, making the game even more interesting as she’s not wearing a bra! Felicia’s skirt is too tight, making her topple over, so she removes that too. Finally the attempt to play is abandoned as the girls kiss tenderly; Anita sucks and fondles Felicia’s ample breasts and then they move into scissors and grind their pussies together. They change to spoons, Felicia fingering Anita’s smooth pink slit and tight asshole until she climaxes. Felicia gets on her knees and Anita eats her from behind, licking her ass too and then fingering her in both holes simultaneously, making her orgasm hard.