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Anissa Kate & Henessy A – Kinky Trip Episode 4 – Licentious
Released: June 3, 2016

French fox Anissa Kate looks shockingly beautiful in nipples clamps and a pony bit gag over the opening credits. In contrast, Henessy is casual and relaxed in jeans, but as she begins to speak about her first experiences with BDSM, it becomes clear she is just as kinky as her girlfriend. We see Anissa strap her wrists to the metal bars of the staircase and then masturbate to an orgasm, with Henessy unable to touch her. Anissa then binds Henessy’s wrists together and tugs her jeans down, spanking her ass and fingering her roughly until she comes. Henessy kneels to eat Anissa’s pussy, her wrists still bound, making her climax. Henessy then takes the dominant role, restraining Anissa to the bed by her wrists and ankles and sitting on her face, riding hard. She releases Anissa’s hands and turns into a sixty-nine, getting her ass fingered and her pussy licked until she comes.