Lyla Storm & Nikki Darling – Delotta Goes For A Ride
Released: March 22, 2013

Featherweights are some of the funnest battles to watch. The combatants are sleek, slim, sexy and move quickly. These two babes don’t disappoint. They move like cats on the mats and seduce each other like Sirens. This is Nikki’s very first match but she’s fit and has been getting advice from a highly talent BJJ master. Lyla is undefeated this season. Something clicked with her last season and she’s improving exponentially.
Nikki is coming into U/S late in the season. She does not have a spot in the much anticipated first ever official US featherweight tournament but neither does Lyla. These two femstuds need to battle it out today get see who will be make it into the tournament. As if losing your spot in a tournament and having someone take a job from you wasn’t bad enough, the loser gets a sturdy fist in the pussy to add salt to the wound.