DragonLily, Darling, Bella Rossi & Cheyenne Jewel – Biggest Loser Face-sit Match for 2 losing nightmare team mates
Released: June 4, 2013

Sure we like seeing 2 losers get fucked by the two winning wrestlers. But that’s all been done before. Nightmare has been on a roll this entire season. We need answers as to why they lost tonight. We need to know who the weak link is. So we put team mate against Team mate in the Biggest loser Challenge. Both Bella Rossi and Darling have such delicious asses so the focus of this challenge will be who can smoother who the most with her ass. The loser get gang banged. I don’t know if that an incentive for one of them to lose however. Some times the girls really WANT to get fucked by a gang of hot babes. One thing is for sure. If you lose, you’re deemed the Biggest Loser and nobody wants that shame.