Darling & Bella Wilde – S10 Summer Vengeance The Grappler puts the Wolf in Back Breaking holds
Released: August 2, 2013

Bella Wilde believes that her flexibility is what helps her get the upper hand in her matches. She can wiggle and squirm in and out of holds and usually lands the upper hand. Today Darling is going to introduce Bella the the amazement of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. Darling is going to show Bella that technique will trump flexibility. She also shows Bella that relying on one’s flexibility in a competitive sport can put one into a lot of painful trouble. Back breaking Arches are the least of Bella’s worries. Darling is going for submissions today. She has a sick fetish for hearing girls gurgle from being choked out. We see a mean streak in Darling today and she reminds us why we call her “The Grappler”.