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Amber Rayne & Serena Blair – Feather Weight Tournament Finals Amber Rayne vs Serena Blair
Released: July 26, 2013

This match is going up in lieu of the SV match of between Wenona and Berretta. Berretta had to forfeit the tournament. This match goes up for that missing SV update. It was shot live on June 18th. If you missed it live, now is your chance to see it. Serena Blair has had some crazy luck this season. She had a bitterly close match up with Audrey rose for this feather weight tournament in which she lost by a few points. Audrey advanced to the finals but then retired from wrestling. Serena got to take her place in the finals against Amber Rayne. Amber Rayne had some harsh words for Serena; telling her she didn’t belong in the finals. Rayne thinks Serena getting to the finals through default is a joke and she’s here today to squash Serena out of the tournament for good and take the belt The weight class bouts have been extremely bizarre this year. The pressure may be getting to some girls heads. All eyes are on these girls as they battle for the belts and it may just be too much for some girls to handle. Today Amber just isn’t having a good day. While going for a submission attempt on Serena, Amber actually chokes herself out. It’s one of the most ridiculous moves ever on the US mats. The ref give Amber Shame points and style points to Serena. Those points end up giving Serena the Belt. This match is stopped early after Amber confesses she is wrestling with a broken nose.