Ana Foxxx – Strict Discipline and Oral Training for Ana Foxxx, Day Two
Released: July 11, 2014

Ana Foxx is truly lovely and wants to please. When she flashes that smile at you, all you want to do is make things a little harder and see when the grin will waver. First scene we continue to work with her mind and her long coltish legs. Tight unforgiving bondage tests her resolve in our favorite position, squatis erectus. Sweating and struggling not to cum, Ana learns her rules the hard way. Once she finally has eyeline down, she is rewarded with a series of orgasms that might have felt more like punishment. Second scene Ana’s legs are ratcheted up behind her, and her mouth used as a tool of pleasure for our gimp. She continues to excel in submissive blow job skills, allowing us to use her face with little to no resistance. Third scene Ana’s already trembling thighs are treated to more attention and she is made to crouch, quivering, begging for cock. Once her eyes have enough submissive longing in them, she is allowed to climb on and work for every inch of dick. This girl has resolve and a powerful sex drive, almost working out gimps cock beyond the limits. Good Girl!