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Zazie S – Voyeur 2
Released: September 6, 2016

In a monochrome intro shot, we see platinum-blonde Zazie standing by the window of her apartment with a long-lensed camera trained on the building opposite. We then notice that her wall is covered with explicit photographic prints of a woman masturbating. Cut to her sitting on a bronze leather chair, dressed in a white tank and cream panties, playing with herself as she gazes at the photos. Following a brief interlude in which she moves from her camera on its tripod and takes off the cute glasses she’s worn while snapping her pictures, we see her begin to get excited over the images then move to the chair. She pulls her top down to release a breast, and her panty-crotch to one side to expose her moistening pussy, fingers working away all the while. As she gets naked she reveals pert, medium-sized breasts and a shaved snatch. Moaning with pleasure and pausing only to taste her own juices from her fingertips, she gets hotter, plunging her digits inside of herself and circling her other hand on her clit. As she finally cums, bucking her body against her hand, she shivers from head to toe, smiling to herself with pleasure, then sinking from the chair onto the floor. As the movie draws to a close, she treats herself to another lingering look at the building opposite – but there’s no action to capture right now, so she heads off to amuse herself…