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Ultima A – Erotic Inspiration
Released: April 19, 2015

Pretty brunette Ultima – making her TLE debut here – is looking for a little inspiration. Erotic inspiration, that is. Sprawled on the bed in her robe, she flicks through some pictures as she looks for the perfect one to fuel her sexual fantasies. When she has selected the one that gets her juices flowing, she submits to her urge for self-pleasure, squeezing her beautiful breasts and tugging on her stiffening nipples, then sliding a hand down between her legs. Thoroughly aroused now, she reaches into the nightstand again and takes out something that both amuses and titillates her – a vibrator in a very unusual style that is sure to raise a smile! She buzzes it over her nipples, enjoying the good vibrations, and then begins to slide it up and down the groove of her pussy. Thrusting her hips up to meet the strokes, the wetness seeps out to reveal her mounting excitement. Her moans mingle with the squishy sounds of her pleasure as she pushes the vibrator right inside her juicy slot, rubbing herself all the way to a highly satisfying orgasm.