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Sade Mare & Tina M – Voyeur 2
Released: July 15, 2016

Sade Mare – a cute brunette with glasses – is relaxing on her couch, reading a book. Tina M – subtly vampish with her long black bob and one-shouldered little black dress – walks by the room and catches sight of her, through the half-open door. Soon, Tina is spying on her roomie, the lust and affection she feels for Sade written all over her face. As Sade reads, she moves her fingers lightly and absent-mindedly over the fabric of her dress… and the skin it leaves bare. Eventually, she closes the book – and opens her legs so she can caress her pussy through her panties. Outside, Tina watches, then strokes her own beautiful body. As Sade slips off the panties and begins to frig her pussy, Tina follows suit then ups the ante, unzipping her dress to reveal beautiful, pert breasts, then getting completely naked. Sade, still seemingly unaware she’s being watched, removes her own dress and bra, exposing her large, stiff nipples. As she begins to masturbate, Sade’s own self-pleasure becomes more frenzied. The camera switches between each girl, capturing close-ups of their fingers getting busy and their ecstatic expressions, sountracked by their moans. When both cum, Tina seems to take as much pleasure in her friend’s climax as her own. As Tina grabs her clothes and heels and slips quietly away, Sade is left to enjoy the afterglow of her climax, apparently unaware that she was being watched.