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Mira V – Deep Dreams 2
Released: August 2, 2015

Ushering in a fresh and exciting direction for TLE, ‘Deep Dreams’ is an imaginative exploration of subconscious arousal and dark stimuli. Mira looks perfectly calm and composed as she prepares for sleep, but in her dreams she finds herself a captive, dressed only in lingerie and handcuffed to a post. Strangely aroused, she begins to touch herself, sliding a hand into her sexy see-through panties and then tugging them aside so she can stroke her smooth pink slot. She spreads her pussy open and thrusts a couple of fingers deep inside, shifting position restlessly and pulling against her restraints as she frigs herself to orgasm. As she wakes, disoriented, with her hand inside her panties, the power of her dreams still holds sway over her…