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Mira V – From Latvia With Love
Released: December 11, 2015

As Mira V’s hands slide from her stiff nipples down over her tight body, we are treated to the sight of a sexy leather thong with a strategically placed chain. Offered a pillar candle, Mira lovingly cradles it before handing it back and positioning her body in anticipation. First the pooled wax is poured over her rib cage, just under the curve of her perky breasts. As the hot wax cascades, her intent look reveals her growing arousal. Soon she turns and offers her ass, and we see black leather perfectly separating the round globes. Silently she savors the sensation and fondles her breasts before the kinky panties are removed. Soon Mira’s fingers are telling the story of just how turned on she has become by the wax play.