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Frida C & Tracy Lindsay – All Things Must End 2
Released: September 29, 2015

Tracy Lindsay and Frida C sit outdoors together, smoking, but the mood is not harmonious. The discordant music suggests tension between them, and they glare at each other without speaking. It’s the end of an affair, but Tracy’s not ready to let go just yet. When Frida walks away, Tracy undresses, and begins to paint on a canvas with her fingers, expressing her feelings with smudges and smears. Inspired, she begins to paint her body too, caressing her curves as she daubs the vivid blue paint over them. Now she strokes her fingers along the moist groove of her pussy, rubbing more vigorously as she finds the sweet spot. She goes face down, ass up to finger herself harder from behind, strumming her clit and moaning with pleasure as the sensations overwhelm her. Moving onto her back, she grabs one of her high-heeled shoes to use as a makeshift dildo, then rubs herself to a frantic climax, her nipples hard as diamonds. It’s a cathartic moment of release, allowing her to reflect back on the tender moments of the relationship…