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Etna – My Cuban 2
Released: April 21, 2015

The debate about whether it’s sexy to watch a girl smoke has been raging at our sister site MetArt for some time – but there can be little doubt that seeing adorable Etna sucking on something so blatantly phallic has a certain appeal! It’s not so much the cigar itself as the equally phallic transparent tube it comes in though, that fires up Etna’s naughty imagination. She slides down the top of her dress to reveal a very sexy bra, and then takes that off too, rubbing the tube all over her big breasts and teasing the nipples to stiffness. Etna takes off her pretty lace panties and strokes the tube delicately across the outer folds of her pussy, teasing her clit and spreading her legs wide. Her fingers do the job more sensitively though, and she discards her toy so she can focus all her attention on the pleasurable sensations her own touch creates. She circles her fingers rapidly on her clit, then turns onto her front – giving us a sensational view of her perfectly smooth, tempting pussy – as she begins to rub it from behind. Her fingering becomes more frantic as she moves onto her back again, moaning and arching her hips as her excitement grows. Wouldn’t you love to know the erotic fantasies that cigar smoke has inspired in her?