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Etna – On Cam 2
Released: May 1, 2015

Etna looks adorable in her casual sweater and jeans, but she wastes no time taking them off, swiftly followed by her cute pink panties. In their place go stockings, sexy lingerie and a lace mask. Now she’s ready for her cam show. We see her through her laptop’s camera as well as our own as she seductively strips off her bra and plays with her breasts, which are surprisingly big for her petite frame. Off come the panties, and her smooth slit is displayed for the camera’s gaze. Now she lies back and begins to stroke herself, clearly aroused by the idea of putting on a show for her audience, whoever it might be. Fingers sliding up and down over her sweet pink pussy, she teases out the wetness glistening inside, then moves onto her knees so her beautifully peachy bottom is pointed directly at the camera. It’s a delicious sight as she fingers herself slowly and sensuously. Turning onto her back again, she removes her mask as her hands roam over her body, then zero in on her sticky honeypot. Her juice trickles out as she rubs herself for her own enjoyment, as well as our viewing pleasure, and that of her unknown audience.