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Charlotte M & Jennet V – Light My Fire 2
Released: September 4, 2015

Charlotte M and Jennet are two terrific recent discoveries by TLE artist Xanthus, and it’s a delicious treat to see them taking so much pleasure in each other. Bad girl Jennet looks lost in thought as she sits on a park bench, smoking. But when pretty Charlotte sits beside her and asks for a light, their eyes meet and sparks fly. When next we see the girls they are indoors, clad only in their underwear, and kissing passionately. They undress each other and Charlotte goes down to eat Jennet, who rocks her hips up to meet her new friend’s tongue. Charlotte straddles Jennet’s face, leaning forward to rub her pussy, and then lies back to get fingered and licked with more intensity. The girls move side by side, writhing with pleasure as they stroke each other to a climax… but the ambiguous ending will leave you guessing whose fantasy you just witnessed!