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Camille A – Alone Again
Released: May 3, 2015

Casting aside her book to sip wine in the candlelight, Camille A is horny. Self-gratification is clearly on her mind as she runs her hands over her torso and down between her thighs. She pulls off her T-shirt to expose her firm breasts, then removes her shorts, leaving her clad only in glossy pantyhose. Grabbing the remote, she sets a movie to play – naturally she’s watching TLE, the perfect inspiration to stoke her excitement. She gazes at the screen as she touches herself, and we get to share her viewing choice – Tracy Lindsay pouring honey over her beautiful body, an undeniably arousing sight. Camille rips open the crotch of her pantyhose so she can slide a saliva-wet finger into her hot pussy, head thrown back in abandon as the powerful sensations rush over her. She grabs her shiny dildo and sucks on it lustfully, then straddles it and slides down onto it, the penetration making her moan. Her gasps of pleasure become more intense as she rears up and down on the mock cock, and then rubs herself to a powerful climax as Tracy does the same on screen. Lovers of the female orgasm are sure to appreciate Camille’s ecstatic experience.